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Great Choices for Outdoor Gaming

black metal wood top bench

This weekend is the 4th of July in America and many people will spend the day outside BBQing and watching the fireworks. If your family is anything like may family, they will probably also want to play some games and spend some family time. Now there are a variety of wonderful yard games families can play, but there are also some great board games that can be played outside with little hassle.  I am going to list a few games that will not blow away easily, but are also small enough to fit on a small table or stable outdoor blanket. Feel free to add to the list, and happy 4th for my fellow Americans!

  1. Santorini- Santorini is perfect for outside play, especially when players choose to forgo the God cards. The pieces are heavy, and the board creates a stable surface to play on. Plus, the board is not overly big so it could easily fit on a small table or blanket while waiting for fireworks.
  2. Hive- Hive is another game where the pieces are heavy enough to not blow away in the w ind. It can be played pretty much anywhere and is a lot of fun for a light quick game.
  3. Tsuro– The pieces in Tsuro consist of plastic pawn, heavy tiles and a small game board. This game is a great choice for outdoor play, especially if you have a big group as it does have a high player count.
  4. Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small- This game is another good selection for two players outside. All the pieces are relatively heavy, and because it is two player it does not take up a lot of room. I would only suggest this one for the table though, as the player mats must stay even.
  5. Quirkle- Another game similar to Hive in that all of the pieces consist of heavy tiles. They are unlikely to blow away, just be careful not to bump them while playing.
  6. Chess- Chess is a classic option for outdoor play. Given a very small tables players should have no problem setting up for a match. A bonus is that most people know how to play Chess, so it is a good option for non gamers.
  7. Battle Sheep- Composed of sheep tokens and pasture boards, Battle Sheep is a good option for outdoor play. I would suggest this one for a table though to keep the pasture boards together.
  8. Liar’s Dice- Liar’s Dice can be played with dice, a small opaque container and poker chips. It can be played with large amounts of players and is easy to explain.
  9. Blokus- Another game with tiles and a board that pieces lock into. Blokus is a fun and light game that can be enjoyed with up to four players.
  10. Ultimate Werewolf– This game has a lot of cards to it, however players will only hold onto one card at a time, and thus it can be put into a pocket or elsewhere to keep it from blowing away. I suggest sleeving them if you choose that method. It can be played with as many people as needed and it a great way to kill some time while waiting.

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