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June 2018: Kickstarters/ Pre-Orders/ Games I Hope to Acquire

June has been a relatively quiet month for me as far as purchasing and pre-ordering games. In preparation for Gencon, I am currently saving money for the inevitable purchases in the Dealer Hall. That did not mean I was completely good though, as I did Kickstart two games, and I have my eyes on purchasing… Continue reading June 2018: Kickstarters/ Pre-Orders/ Games I Hope to Acquire

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Have I Ever Designed a Game?

A question I have been getting very frequently lately is, "have you ever designed a board game?". The short answer is no I have not designed a game. However, like many other board game players, I frequently have ideas for games. I would venture to say that almost daily, I see something in my life… Continue reading Have I Ever Designed a Game?

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Playing Games with my Father

Hello! I am sorry for not posting yesterday, I was out with a funeral in the morning and had my usual Dungeons and Dragons right after. Today in the United States it is Father's Day. Today I wanted to talk about my father's impact on board gaming.  My dad has been the slowest in the… Continue reading Playing Games with my Father

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Why I Don’t Do Commissions

The last couple of days I have been on a painting kick, and whenever that happens people tend to ask me if I will paint their miniatures for them, or if I do commissions. The answer is (usually) no. I have then had people try to convince me that it would be worth it, because… Continue reading Why I Don’t Do Commissions

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Review of Christmas Lights

Game: Christmas Lights Designer: Chad Head and Adam Collins Published: 25th Century Games Players: 2-6 players Playtime: 10-30 Minutes Play Type: Card Game, Set Collection, Memory CHRISTMAS LIGHTS KICKSTARTER   Synopsis: It is time to deck the halls and trim the tree. You have opened your decorations box, and need to find the perfect string of lights to… Continue reading Review of Christmas Lights

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Favorite Publishers

I play all kinds of games, everything from independent designers launching a Kickstarter for the first time to major publishing companies like CMON or Asmodee. However, as I continue there are a few publishers who stand out to me, not just because of the quality of their games, but also things like communication and customer… Continue reading Favorite Publishers

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May 2018: Pre-orders and Kickstarters

May is already coming to a close, so I figured I would take the time to share today what Kickstarter projects and pre-orders I decided to support this month. This was a slow month for me, so there are only a few things that I backed. Kickstarter Growl- Growl is a social deduction based game.… Continue reading May 2018: Pre-orders and Kickstarters

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Tabletop Gaming with Cats

Frequently on Instagram, I post pictures of my games and there is a cat right in the middle of the shot. People always comment on how do I get my cats to post with my games...and I sit there thinking, "I don't think you understand, either I take photos with my cats in it, or… Continue reading Tabletop Gaming with Cats

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Favorite Themes for Games

The board gaming industry has expanded to cover so many different themes over the years. It is absolutely wonderful to have so many options to pick from when picking up a game. I naturally have some favorite themes that I tend to gravitate towards, and if a game has one of those themes I am… Continue reading Favorite Themes for Games

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International Table Top Day 2018

Yesterday was a busy and fun day for me. I set aside our usual D&D Saturdays to enjoy International Table Top Day at some of our local stores. Throughout the day I ended up at three local stores to play games. The Morning The morning for me was all about learning to play some new… Continue reading International Table Top Day 2018